Sunday, 23 December 2012

‘Everything’ – Faster and Better Desktop search for Windows

Whenever we want to search a file on our Windows PC, it is really a tiresome and time consuming task. The ‘Green Progress Bar’ takes ages to fill up completely, the doggy keeps reading the book for a whole day, but we don't want to wait.
I have come up with an application, which is much faster and better than the default search app in Windows. It’s called ‘Everything’ - Application by David Carpenter at
It searches the files all over the computer irrespective of its location. The most important feature in this Application is its fast search. It requires no more than a millisecond for searching a file all over the PC. No other app provides such speedy searches. It is a must have utility for Windows PC users.
You can download it here:

Watch the video below and see the difference

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Adblock Plus for Android

One of our all time favorite add-on for the browsers is now availaible in form of an App for Android devices.

Adblock plus has helped us for avoiding the unwanted Advertisements which annoy us while browsing the web. Now its available on Google Play, to use with our Android devices.

Not only it blocks the Advertisements while browsing, but also it blocks the Ads, which pop-up (and annoy us) while we are using an App or playing the Game.

You can download it here

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Connectify - Create a Wi-Fi hotspot using a Laptop

Everyone knows that we can create the Wi-Fi hotspot using our Smartphones, same is even possible with our PCs.

You can share your Laptop internet connection to other devices like PSPs, Smartphones, iPods and many other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

'Connectify' allows you to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot using your Laptop or any Wi-Fi enabled Workstation.

It is very helpful when you access the Internet via a USB Dongle/Stick. You will not require to subscribe for another Internet connection for your other mobile Devices.

It is available in Lite and PRO versions. (Obvious PRO has got some more features. But Lite has sufficient features to Share the internet connection over Wi-Fi)

It is availaible for Windows XP and above Systems.

Download Lite Version here :

You can convert the Lite Version into PRO by Inserting the License Key, Which you can buy here.

Check the PRO vs Lite page here.

Visit official Website here.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hike - Free Messaging for Life

Hi Everyone,
All of us want to stay in touch with our friends and family. Most of the college guys prefer Texting over a Voice Call.
Hike is an App, which provides you Free SMS service all over India.
The main attraction of this App is that, even if the person you want to communicate does not have this App installed, still the message is delivered (which WhatsApp does not provide).
It is so Superb that you won't switch Ordinary Messaging after using Hike.
 It also provides features like Group Chat, Antispam and its free for Lifetime.

It is currently Availaible for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users and soon will be availaible for Symbian and Blackberry devices.

Android Users can download here from Google Play.
iOS Users can download here .
Windows Users can download here.

Visit Official Web-Site for more info :

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Prezi - The new way of Presenting


Got tired of the sluggish PowerPoint Presentations, then switch to Prezi. Prezi is the free online tool for creating the presentations.

We are using PowerPoint for creating the presentations since a very long period of time, its time to change now. Even though there a lot of changes in Microsoft Office 2013, still the transitions and animations in PowerPoint are still Sluggish and Boring. offers Flash Animations for transitions, which gives your presentation a completely new look, which will eventually attract your Audience.

Click here to SignUp

Follow the Simple Steps, and Create your Presentations.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Remove Scratches from your CD/DVD


                Today, I have come with a solution of a problem, which is faced by almost all people. Everyone has lots of CD/DVD stuff of your favorite Games, Movies etc., which might not be readable because of the scratches developed on them due to careless handling OR due to several other reasons.
All of your important data might be lost because of that. If so, then don’t worry, I have got a solution for that.
You will just have to buy bottle of ‘Brasso’.  ‘Brasso’ is an abrasive liquid used for polishing utensils and other metallic objects and is Marketed by Reckitt Benckiser Ltd.
It works very fine. You will just require the bottle of Brasso, an Ear Bud or any cotton cloth (I prefer the one which is used for cleaning Spectacles) and that’s it. Just dip it in the solution of ‘Brasso’ and polish the scratches of your CD/DVD with it. You must not polish it in circular motion, but vertically. Doing it circularly may worsen the scenario.  And that’s it.
Have fun!

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Oracle VirtualBox

Oracle VirtualBox

Previously, I had posted about VMware; it’s actually very useful software. VMware Player is free but it has very limited functionalities. The higher version i.e. VMware Workstation 8 has all the functionalities but it’s not free. You have to pay some bucks for using VMware Workstation. And it’s quite illegal to use it by Cracking.

I have found out one software application, which has almost all the features of the VMware Workstation, and yet it is free.

It is VirtualBox by Oracle (By Sun Microsystems). It is legal to use it for free. And its lighter (uses less resources of your PC and doesn’t slow it down) and easy to use than VMware Workstation.

You can download it here :

Please do not make use of any Pirated Software or Pirate any software. Because of Software Piracy, you may be getting benefitted, but the Developers, who have put there immeasurable efforts in development of that software, do not get the credits which they deserve. So, stop Software Piracy.

If you want free software, then you can shift to Open Source software, which are Free to use, Share and Distribute. They contain almost all (Not all) features of the paid software.